Due to the sensitive nature of our projects we provide the following brief descriptions of our main references:


We are commissioned with custom IT security software development for Vodafone Group. Teamed with Vodafone’s Ethical Hacking and Vulnerability Management professionals we have been creating software that is, in many aspects and functions, more advanced than that available on the market.

K&H, KBC Groep

Narabi Systems - in partnership with IdM Solutions - has been providing support and development services to Hungary’s leading financial service provider and second largest bank. We have implemented a custom access right expiry and renewal feature in its central identity management system. It provisions and monitors access rights of thousands of users to hundreds of systems. Narabi Systems have integrated the access control of the headquarters’ parking garage into the access management system.


Narabi Systems has partnered up with Trin-iT, a software company from Rotterdam focusing mainly on kiosks, embedded systems and system integration. We contribute our deep experience with web UI & mobile app development and are tasked with designing & implementing advanced user interfaces. Currently we are working on projects involving a state-of-the-art interactive & scalable floor map UI, and a campsite reservation system having a mobile optimised UI.

Digital Enlightenment Forum

We believe in human rights, privacy and democracy in the digital space as well and appreciate the goals of Digital Enlightenment Forum: Aiding a sustainable digital transformation of the society which respects human values. Being the development partner of Digital Enlightenment Forum, Narabi Systems maintains and develops new features for digitalenlightenment.org - a site built on OpenAtrium and Drupal technologies, integrated with MailChimp and Mollie payment.

JanusID / JiD

We are the system developer partners of JanusID, the provider of the privacy-focused online identity solution JiD. We have enriched the ForgeRock based solution with a custom user interface, and made several customizations to OpenAM. We have created an independent demo site showcasing JiD's functionality. Our system integration (OAuth2, Mitek, Signhost) and identity management expertise were also utilized on this successful and still ongoing project.


Narabi Systems assisted NFGD (Nederlandse Film- en Geluidsdienst) in realizing the installation of various multimedia experiences in Ripley's Amsterdam Odditorium. We are proud to be involved in the software development of the interactive Cartoon Wall.


Narabi Systems developed a custom work order module and integrated it into a commercial service desk application.

IdM Solutions

As subcontractors to IdM Solutions - our strategic partner in Central Europe - we have taken part in several application development and system integration projects.


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