Do you need to grow your software development team in order to speed up delivery?

Extending your current team with a Narabi Guru may be an option to consider, but we are not regular contractors like freelancers or ZZP'ers. We are focused on supporting growth of your business by providing flexibly scalable resources that you only need to manage at a high level.

Do you operate in the Randstad region?

To provide quick reaction time, eg. for in-person meetings on short notice, we only operate in the Randstad region (Den Haag, Delft, Rotterdam, Leiden, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Haarlem, Diemen, Woerden ...). Our Team Leaders - your Local Narabi Gurus - are based in Den Haag and are ready to travel to your location.

Do you have budget and time constraints?

If you have plenty of time and money you can try hiring employees / individual freelancers, but bear in mind the hidden cost of hiring and employing developers. Are you worried about deadlines while you spend weeks fishing for the right professional?

With the Narabi method you spend less time than hiring one employee - your Local Narabi Guru - but you also get a scalable army of developers for much less than typical contractor hourly rates.

Have you stumbled upon a task that you cannot assign to anyone in your organization?

Would you like to connect two applications? Are you concerned with security issues or need a code review? Do your users complain about performance? Are you tearing your hair out because you need to debug a difficult problem? Do you need to add new forms to your software / integrate your application with a payment provider / optimize your application due to rapid data growth / port your application to a different infrastructure / fix browser compatibility issues fast?


Need urgent help? Don't hesitate!

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The meaning of our brand - Narabi is a move in the Japanese game of Go. It is a solid extension, a firm but non-offensive move. It refers to our history: We’ve grown a successful software development company in Hungary, which has become a recognized supplier of dominant international brands. To keep the momentum we’ve moved our focus to a more favourable business environment, which we’ve found in the beautiful city of The Hague.